Why You Need an SSD Upgrade


Why You Need an SSD Upgrade

If you are one of those people who are still using mechanical hard disks on the computer ten you definitely need an SSD Upgrade. It is one of the best upgrades ever you can give to your computer in this era and with prices that have dramatically come down in the recent past you have no excuse.

Solid state drivers are much faster because they do not have either a moving head or a magnetic platter. You will be surprised at the improved performance of your computer and will be left wondering why you had not taken the bold step early enough. There are several cheap short version SSDs in the market and you will definitely get one in the range of $ 100-$ 360 depending on its size.

The SSDs are proven to be at least twice as fast as the mechanical blocks and when it comes to random writes and reads SSDs have been reported to be over 400 times faster. With mechanical drives data is read from the spinning magnetic disk by the physical head, the drive writes or reads data from any part of the hard disk with no penalty on performance.

An SSD upgrade not only improves your computers theoretical bench marks but the booting process is also enhanced and becomes fast. The level on improvement however remains dependent on the software loading during the boot, hardware and your operating system. Your desktop will also benefit from the upgrade as it will be able to load quickly once you log in and become usable faster than before.

Program launching, file opening and document saving will also be faster. You programs will load almost instantly from a click. Your browsing will also be enhanced as with your cache files on the SSD will load instantly as opposed to when on a mechanical hard disk.

In the past SSDs were very expensive, you would buy an 80GB SSD at about $ 600. Now you can get an SSD at about $ 0.7 per GB which would add up to about $ 56 for an 80GB SSD. The deal on SSDs are becoming better every day and prices are still expected to go lower than they currently are and you need not to worry about quality.

Installing an SDD is very basic and is pretty much the same as installing as installing a mechanical hard disk. If you need it installed in desktop all you have to do is power off the device, remove the case and have the SDD inserted in an available drive bay. You may decide to keep you mechanical drive for storage space and transfer all your programs and system files to the SDD.

An SDD upgrade on the laptop may be a little bit complicated but not so difficult. All you need to is to unscrew your mechanical drive compartment and use the SDD to replace the included drive. You may also use kits referred to as optical drive to SDD to swap your CD or DVD drive for an SDD.

An SDD upgrade on the laptop may be a little bit complicated but not so difficult. For more details visit at elitebytes.com.

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