What You Need To Know About MacBook Air Before Buying It


What You Need To Know About MacBook Air Before Buying It

One of the most recent and best innovations that has been introduced by Macintosh/Apple Inc. is the Macbook Air. Among all the Macintosh computers developed and produced, the Macbook Air is known to be the thinnest and most portable laptop computer. It was introduced in January 2008 at the MacWorld Conference and Expo. Since then, it has been known to be the thinnest notebook in the whole world.

When closed, the Macbook Air is only 0.16 inches thin. It is so sleek in design and very lightweight. It is so thin that it can even fit into a manila envelope. However, do not be deceived by its size, because it holds its own in terms of power and functionality. It comes with a full-sized keyboard, as well as a 13.3?display screen. Its screen is backlit by LED lights and with built in iSight. The Macbook Air also comes with a big trackpad.

Similar to the iPhone, which is also a product of Apple, the Macbook Air allows panning around, pinching to zoom, rotating, and moving windows with simple taps and flicks.

The Macbook Air’s memory boasts of the same as in the iPod classic which is a 1.8?80-GB drive. Users can opt to add more memory such as a 64GB SSD.

The Macbook Air provides the ultimate in portability because of its thin and sleek design. Its lightweight features are ideal for traveling and for users who are constantly on the go.

There are also some issues and limitations that the Macbook Air has. Because it is quite small in size and in space, the laptop does not have a built-in drive for media. Due to this, users must use an external USB to be able to use or access other computer’s optical drive. This is just one of the features of a typical laptop that the Macbook Air does not offer.

Apple positioned the Macbook Air to be an upgrade to the regular Macbook. But the downside of this is that some other features of the Macbook have been taken out. The Macbook Air does not have ethernet port, security slot, cardbus slot, express card slot and FireWire port. And it only has one USB port.

Those are important points that you can consider when you want to buy a Macbook Air. The product is really targeted towards people who are on the go. It is a very thin and portable laptop that is still capable of addressing your computing needs. Buying one today is not really hard you can just visit one of the Apple store in your area. You can try to test is out first before buying. Or if not you can just order it online, Apple store is up 24 by 7.

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