What Is A Drobo Mini?

What Is A Drobo Mini?

Mobility is a key feature that seems to sell products currently. Portable items are popular and RAID solutions are no exception. The Drobo Mini is advertised as a compact mobile RAID bay that will hold up to 4 2.5 ” SATA drives for those that desire to carry their data inside a backpack and can can get on freely on other devices.


The Drobo is firstly an outside RAID bay. Quite a few to hold approximately 4 2.5 ” SATA drives and 1 mSATA SSD, appropriate for computers running Windows or Mac OS. Link to PC is conducted with a USB 3. port or a Thunderbolt port. Additionaly, these devices includes a management software and BeyondRAID technology with single or dual-drive mirroring/redundancy. All drives may be hot-swapped and have a data protection system


Being meant to hold laptop sized hard-drives automatically implies that the Drobo is lighter as well as less capacity to run. When no drives are loaded, the merchandise includes a 2.2 pounds weight while wonderful 4 bays filled, it reaches 4 pounds. At the same time, the size and style are fairly small. The PCB of the method is put in the back and underneath the disks to really make it smaller sized.

In terms of data protection, the Drobo Mini includes several features. The machine has two vents in the back that behave as exhaust for your heated air that is generated when the hard-drives have been in use. This ensures that hardware failure as a result of heat does not occur. Also, the Mini features a battery included that can work as an UPS which kicks in when power is taken off in order that the cached data gets written no files become corrupted.

Next lined up, the BeyondRaid feature may be used to have one or two drives work as story for data mirroring. This means that 3 drives will be designed for storage when two are widely-used as protection or three when just one is used for hosting the clones.

Connectivity can also be an interesting feature. The USB 3. standard ensures higher speeds as opposed to old 2. standard that limited the transfer rate under the hard-drive’s capacity. However, the most extreme results range from Thunderbolt port which has a rated performance of 10 Gbps. Which means that the USB 3. connection might behave as a bottleneck if the SSD will be mounted within the rack.

Important Notes

Linux users will encounter problems running the unit. The producer will not offer support for Linux.

Additionally it is worth mentioning the Thunderbolt port is usually common on Mac machines. For Windows running systems, an adapter may be required and they are tricky to find but the USB 3. works with both kinds of hardware. However, the low speeds available from the USB 3. port won’t be able to offer the entire speed of your SSD. The Thunderbolt port is best designed for solid state disk drives.

Finally, the unit features a rather unusual power connector that is included with a lock. A little bit of practice is essential in the beginning since the unit will draw power not until the connector is attached in the certain angle.

Now that you know a bit about the Drobo Mini you may be interested in learning more about the device and even reading some reviews. To learn more visit http://compactcomputerstorage.com

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