What Hardware Standards To Look For In A Trading Laptop


What Hardware Standards To Look For In A Trading Laptop

Trading on a laptop isn’t idea, but for those traders who can’t avoid it you need to know what hardware is necessary. Traditionally desktops are preferred for traders. Desktops have the ability to offer traders more of the required speed and power for stock trading. Laptops have a number of restrictions because everything is geared towards being compact. Does that mean that trading on a laptop is impossible? Absolutely not. Traders who need this type of set up just need to do a bit more homework before you go out and by a laptop that won’t be functional for you.

The first laptop standard that you are going to have to accept is they are all built to be compact and light. This standard is going against the grain of computers built for trading. You always want the computer that is going to have the newest & fastest technology so that your trading computer is going to be functional for you in the coming years. This just means that a Laptop Trading Computer is not going to be as fast and powerful as a desktop for trading. In fact, you should really have both. Each one has its use. Understandably, you need to be able to trade out side of your home office if the occasion calls for it.

There are three hardware standards that you need to have in your trading computer, at minimum. You need a great processor, tons of RAM, and an SSD hard drive. These three components are going to allow you to trade on the go with out any issues at all.

Your processor should be an i7; Preferably the newest i7 processor that is on the market for laptops. Any processor that is older and lower quality than this is not going to be sufficient for trading. Real time data in large quantities is a headache for these types of underpowered processors. Often times if the processor is overloaded it will freeze up or cause your whole machine to shut down. With out the right processor, this will be the experience you will consistently have when trying to trade on a laptop.

RAM and an SSD are the other components needed. Trading platforms are RAM hogs. They tend to operate more efficiently when there is a large quantity of RAM. Many platforms will need at least 4 GB of RAM just to operate. This doesn’t include the RAM needed to run live news streams, email applications, and other software during your trading day.

An SSD is going to make a world of a difference in the speed of toggling through different applications. Upgrading to this type of hard drive is going to make you wonder why you ever tried to use any other type of trading computer or laptop.

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