What are the Latest Web Hosting Technologies for your Website


What are the Latest Web Hosting Technologies for your Website

As we stand today, everyone is at-least unconsciously aware of the fact that web is the fastest growing technology in human history. But it is also a field there is the highest degree of discrepancy between the markets. We can come across static HTML websites, where there competitors could be employing the latest web 3.0 technology. At either cases, implementing the latest hosting technologies, could be the first and better means of improving your customer experience. And the hosting has come across a long-way during the year 2014; Here are the various ways through which web hosting can be an improved experience for a normal business owner.

SSD Storage Technology

The SSD storage largely eliminates the thermostatic problem and heating problems associated with long-time use of traditional hard disks. It also has a remarkably high reading speeds pegged at around 6.0 GB/s. While it makes this technology inevitable for the graphic websites, it also increases data center efficiency for large websites. At either cases, the SSD Storage technology cannot be interlinked with other parallel means. Similarly the installed versions of advanced RAID technology, makes the SSD rather inevitably cool for modern hosting.

Content Delivery Networks

With the term CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) it needn’t always mention a cloud technology. It could equally point towards a network of interconnected servers, delivering the data requests from the nearest server. This has proven to significantly reduce the loading time, while increasing the bandwidth utilization. With a controlled single data center, you can only reach so many concurrent users even at unlimited bandwidth.

Error-Free RAM Memory

As the server RAM memory is accessed most frequently, the RAM is most vulnerable to cumulative frequency error. These errors mostly occurs as random single bit errors; These doesn’t bring down the website but essentially trims down the overall user experience. An error-free RAM comes your rescue here; This means that your data could now be accessed vividly and at high response times. This also liberates your website from the unpredictable cache technology.

Overall Hardware Quality

While looking at the overall system quality, its always easy to overlook the overall hardware elements. Instead you can fall into trap of looking at the individual elements, taking it for granted that the other elements could back-up with an upgraded performance. This is the area where the down-compatibility also becomes an issue. A good web host always ensure that the system elements performs as an entire Eco-system.

With the understanding and implementation of the latest hosting technology, you can become the winner of user-experience match. Otherwise you can hire a hosting provider, who understands the intricacies of the hosting.

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