Tips for Buying a new Laptop Online


Tips for Buying a new Laptop Online

Are you planning to buy a new laptop online? Finding yourself getting confused between innumerable options? Here are a few useful tips for buying new laptops online.

* Purpose: The first thing you need to consider is what you wish to do with this laptop. Is the chief purpose productivity/business, gaming, doing creative work or just light surfing? For business and productivity opt for a laptop that offers sharp screen, durable design and superior quality keyboard. For a gaming computer, your chief focus should be on the processor and graphic card. Core i7 processor is the best for high end gaming. If you are a creative professional, look for something that provides a powerful processor, awesome graphics, high resolution and large display plus a Solid State Drive. If the chief purpose is just light surfing a low-cost, standard laptop is sufficient.

* Touchpad and Keyboard: Your potential laptop should offer good ergonomics. Consider laptops that offer solid tactile feedback and sufficient space between various keys. Also, the touchpad should be smooth, mouse buttons and keys should be soft. It should enable you to carry out multi-touch gesture work with ease.

* CPU, RAM and Drive: Laptops powered by Intel Pentium CPUs or the AMD E Series are not meant for gaming, heavy media tasks and serious productivity. However, they can handle regular social network and web use with ease. Intel Core processors from i3 to i7 are good. As far as RAM is concerned, don’t buy anything less than 4GB. Now, the hard drive. If you want large capacity hard drives consider 500 GB to 1 TB HDDs. However, if you want faster drives look for SSD but they come in capacities like 128 or 256 GB only.

* Operating System: Do you want a Windows, Mac or Chrome OS? Windows laptops are very affordable as compared to Mac laptops. They are available in wider range of designs also. Latest Windows OS is Windows 8.1 which offers enhanced search features. It has made multitasking quite easy. Macs are very user-friendly and come with industrial design and top-notch quality displays. Chrome OS is good for social networking and web surfing. It is quite reasonably priced.

You will come across plenty of cheap laptops online. However, you need to consider the finest choices only. Some of the best laptops in India are HCL products. The company has been offering a wide assortment of quality laptops. Their products offer a good selection of features at a very affordable price, perhaps that’s the reason for their success. When you buy laptops online, ensure that you are making the deal with a trustworthy, authentic and reliable dealer only. Ask for the bill and guarantee/ warranty card as well. Also, compare prices from different online retails stores before making the purchase to ensure that you get the best deals and discounts.

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