Three Most Important Things for Your Trading Computer Setup

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Three Most Important Things for Your Trading Computer Setup

So what does it take to have a trading computer setup that is up to par for today’s market? There are three important factors that any computer for trading should have. By having all three, you can worry less about missing out on deals or losing money due to faulty computer components. Choosing the trading PC for your day trading career should undergo the same process as buying a car. Make sure everything under the hood is high quality and long-lasting. You want performance and speed, something that you can expect from a Ferrari, not a Ford Focus. So what makes up the Ferrari of computers? Read on.

Why You Need Custom Hardware for Trading

As mentioned, speed and performance are key factors for having a high-end computer for trading. To get this, you’re going to need one of the top five processors on the market. The recommended one to purchase for a trading computer setup is the i7-3770K, also known as the Ivy Bridge. This is the best on the market today and is now available to consumers. Having a top-notch processor will ensure that you’re getting real-time data when using programs and apps. To go along with your processor, you’re going to need memory RAM, which will allow you to have multiple programs and applications running at one time, seamlessly. You should have a minimum of 6GB memory RAM. Of course, you’re also going to need a hard drive that can store your data and allow you to access it quickly – this is where a solid state drive comes into play (SSD). These are the fastest hard drives on the market and can be purchased along with your trading PC, if you shop at the right place.

Why You Should Have a Solid Software Platform

Having a trading computer setup that has all the right components is only part of the equation. The second important thing that your PC will need is a solid software platform. This means that you’re going to need all of the top software that are used for monitoring the stock market, including ones like Tradestation, Ninja Trader, Interactive Brokers, Think or Swim and TradeMonster. You’re going to need all of the charts and indicators needed to allow you to have eyes everywhere in the market.

Internet Connection

The last factor of your superior computer for trading is to have at least two Internet connections. If you’ve ever witnessed technical issues with your Internet provider, then you know how frustrating this can be. There’s never an okay time to have Internet problems, which is why you should have a backup plan. Your primary source of Internet should test at 5mbps download, 1mbps or more. The backup Internet connection can be from your mobile phone provider, landline or another source you find trustworthy.

With these three important factors, you should have a trading computer that is high performing and reliable.

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