The Ultrabook; an ideal solution for business users


The Ultrabook; an ideal solution for business users

With the increasing need for individuals to travel for business there is a demand for a range of portable devices to allow people to work on the move. The Ultrabook is an attractive solution for business users as it is a fast, powerful and lightweight device which runs all popular business applications.

It provides a platform to get important work done whilst travelling to and from meetings, without the extra weight of an ordinary laptop.

Some of the factors which make the Ultrabook an attractive benefit to business users are discussed below.

An SSD (Solid State Drive) is a very important feature. As with all new technology, the SSD began as an expensive element, associated with high-end notebooks. Fortunately they are now much more commonplace and the price of them has dropped significantly. The SSD has no moving or spinning components as an ordinary hard disk drive has, meaning that it is far more resilient to knocks and can handle being placed at different angles, without the functionality of the drive being affected. They are also quieter, can be accessed more quickly and battery life is improved.

Most new Ultrabooks have a high speed processor usually an i5 or core i7 model and have at least 4GB of RAM which is plenty of memory for the needs most business users. The use of these processors also means an extended battery life. Most new Ultrabooks offer 5 – 7 hours of battery life meaning no frustrating moments where your machine cuts out just at the wrong time!

The lightweight nature of the product is also a key selling point. The SSD design allows for a much slimmer and lighter final product. The choice of material for the outer casing also makes a big difference to the weight. Whilst cheap plastic is lightweight, it sometimes compromises the quality and durability of the product. Lightweight metals or carbon fibre casing are some of the best materials to opt for. Many models can be found which weigh 3 pounds or less, which is ideal for travel.

Common features for wireless connectivity which are found in new Ultrabooks are 3G or 4G broadband options and Bluetooth 4.0. The machines largely no longer include Ethernet ports and disk drives as these features are now quite dated. Instead there is the option of either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports; in some models Thunderbolt is also available.

Ultrabooks have many factors which make them an ideal solution for business users.

To browse for some of the latest models why not try looking on the internet. A handy term to enter into a search engine to start your hunt for the best Ultrabooks could be ‘Toshiba Ultrabook online.’

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