The Main Differences Between Netbooks and Notebooks


The Main Differences Between Netbooks and Notebooks

Netbooks have become very popular in the last few years. They were first introduced by Asus with the ASUS Eee Series PC. The netbooks available currently are higher performing versions of what was first available a few years ago. Intel introduced the Atom processor especially for netbooks, and smaller sized mobile computers. Many people wonder if they should purchase a netbook computer or a notebook. You may want to think about a laptop computer if you are wanting to replace your desktop or main portable computer with a portable solution and need as much computing power. You will want a laptop if you plan to run lots of applications, graphics, multimedia, games, etc.

Netbook computers are perfect for web browsing, engaging in social media, and lighter in weight applications. For bloggers, a netbook computer is both convenient, portable, and readily accessible. If you use the computer only for browsing the Net, looking at emails, blogging, or redesigning your MySpace page, a netbook computer is an excellent mobile solution for you.

If you travel continually and need to have a lightweight, portable computer on the go, you will find using a netbook much more convenient compared to a laptop. It’s much lighter in weight, smaller and has a longer battery life. Go for an SSD hard disk and your netbook computer will be so light that you won’t realize that you are transporting a computer in your bag. Some netbooks are known to last for more than 10-12 hours alone on their battery which is very tough to find on a standard notebook computer.

If you plan to play simple games, a netbook is again the perfect companion. With more advanced games, a notebook will be a better option.

If you plan to watch DVD movies on your computer, you won’t be able to on a netbook computer because most netbooks do not include a DVD drive. Of course, most larger laptop computershave disk drives, and a larger screen. So checking out the latest movies, is a far better option on notebooks than on netbooks.

These are the essential differences between netbook computers and notebook computers. Depending upon your personal needs and preferences, these portable computers are excellent for people on the go.

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