The 3 most important good reasons to keep your Windows drivers up to date


The 3 most important good reasons to keep your Windows drivers up to date

No matter whether you happen to be working with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, all operating systems require drivers to work properly.

Through the years I found that newer versions of Windows got much better in identifying all of the different laptop or computer parts. I still remember the days in which I installed Windows XP onto a brand new laptop or computer and got presented with the irritating “Unknown Device” message for common elements, for example network cards and video cards.

Whilst this has turn out to be much less of the issue with all the introduction of Windows Vista and much more not too long ago Windows 7, I nonetheless locate that Windows does a terrible job keeping drivers up to date, as soon as the program has been installed. I nonetheless see installations where drivers are greater than 3 years outdated and the manufacturer has long released a whole new, and generally vital, driver update, yet the internal Windows Update happily concentrates on its own software related hotfixes and security updates, whilst entirely ignoring the need to check for new drivers at the same time.

You’ll find a number of beneficial factors why you need to make certain that you examine for new drivers and keep them up to date, and here are my high 3:


Wouldn’t you want a no cost performance upgrade for your computer with out having to shell out a cent? It’s not uncommon today that hardware makers rush to push out new goods, but really will need numerous weeks immediately after the product launch to catch up with driver development to ensure it performs at its best.

For graphic cards this might mean an enhanced frame rate in video games or the potential to overclock. For hard disks or SSD drives it could mean faster data transfer rates. With out often updating drivers you’ll miss out on potential overall performance boosts.


While a bit of extra overall performance is nice, most people are more anxious about keeping their files protected and secure. Drivers, like any other software program, can contain security flaws which allow hackers to acquire access for your system and personal information. That is specifically of concern for devices that join your personal computer to the external world, including wireless network cards or Bluetooth. I can nonetheless remember updating a pal’s computer a handful of years in the past, because of vulnerability inside a Bluetooth driver that did allow straightforward remote access into the system.


Ensuring stability and reliability is almost certainly the number one reason why you must obtain new drivers regularly. Getting an up to date driver may very well be the difference between your personal computer operating reliably and getting unstable – ever had 1 of these irritating bluescreens, followed by a forced restart, whilst you were in the middle of developing an essential document – or that the recently purchased wi-fi mouse and keyboard merely won’t operate because the outdated USB driver doesn’t want to know them. Whilst scenarios like these are fairly obvious, other reliability issues can be far much more devastating, and show themselves when it’s already far too late.

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Keeping drivers up to date in Microsoft Windows is vital, but also really time consuming and not always simple to do.

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