SanDisk introduces Quick-install Client SSD Caching Solution to boost PC performance

SanDisk introduces Quick-install Client SSD Caching Solution to boost PC performance

This solution can boost desktop computers to enjoy a more responsive computing experience by utilizing the existing hard driver’s storage. This solution combines a 32 gigabyte(GB), 2.5-inch SSD that resides alongside a desktop computer’s hard drive with Express cache and can be easily downloaded from the sandisk website and installed on any desktop PC which runs Windows 7 operating system. After complete installation the SSD and San Disk ready Cache solution is advanced caching algorithms which are automatically manage data by caching frequently used files helps in improving overall performance.

This solution enables you to boot four times faster performance than a standalone hard drive which let customers to boot their computer fastly and shut down the system in just few minutes. This caching solution launches all the applications which is up to 12 times faster and specially useful during business, gaming and multimedia applications. Also it can pull data from multiple hard drives which enables a consistent improvement in performance when utilizing more than one hard drive.

It supports hard drives with any amount of capacity so that users can enjoy maximum space. All the data that resides in the cache is also available in primary storage which helps to prevent data loss if caching data is uninstalled later. This caching solution enables users to smoothly run different applications which are ideal while performing multitasking. With this solution users don’t need to replace their existing hard drive which clone their operating system and helps in performing lengthy installs or migrate data. The product comes up with an installation package that includes a SATA 6 Gb/s cable which is a 3.5-inch mounting bracket and screws. The software is simple to download and install.

This caching solution allow users to enjoy the quick performance of a new computer without paying for the whole system. This is extremely easy and affordable way to turbocharger a desktop computer. The Ssd solution allow users to enjoy the performance benefits of frequently used data coming out from SSD while maintaining the storage capacity of their hard drive. An ideal combination of the benefits of an SSD and hard drive.

SanDisk Corporation is one of the global leader delivering flash memory storage solutions with complete research and development. The product designing and manufacturing is done in just perfect way. Various storage system technologies have provided users with new and transformational digital experience. Its diverse products includes flash memory cards and with embedded solutions that which are used in smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders and digital media players.

Author explains all about Client SSD caching solution to boost PC performance. Read completely about all the features of this solution which allows customers to boot their computer faster.

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