Out of the box security surveillance DVR Capture Cards for all round protection


Out of the box security surveillance DVR Capture Cards for all round protection

Security of homes and commercial establishments are of paramount importance as they contain assets and human lives. Walls are built to guard properties and lives but miscreants breach these walls and steal things and inflict harm to the occupants. Security agencies such as police and private security are put in place to maintain high levels of surveillance on the streets and around properties, but thieves, mischief mongers and anti-socials still manage to intrude and get away with valuables. Thanks to science, now we have closed circuit surveillance systems that record events that take place during the night within the premises of a home or business establishments and are equally effective in guarding articles during day with their constant vigil.

DVR systems are installed at homes and commercial establishments to record the events of a day and night which can be later processed to find out the culprits, or maintain surveillance in real time. What are DVR capture cards? DVR or digital video recorder is a consumer electronic gadget or an app which record events in digital video format in to the hard drive of a PC, USB flash drive SSD, SD memory card or a remotely located mass storage system. DVR would include STBs (set-top box) with the facility of recording to a disk directly, PMP or portable media players that has recording facility, TV gateways that can connect to local recordings and networks, camcorders that records in to secure digital memory storage devices, and software which allows PCs to record video capture as well as playback from hard disks.

A DVR system offers great security to property and lives and they can be used for guarding a house, keeping watch on aged parents alone at home, locally owned grocery stores, civil agencies government buildings, scientific institutions, military installations and more. HIKVISION brand of DVRs and NVRs have several new features and they would include Line Crossing Detection Alarm & Recording, head counting, intrusion detection alarm and recording, smart search, license plate search, foreign and missing object search, VCA search for facial analysis and Thermal recognition. Equipped with free analytics built within the box the systems come across as a comprehensive security surveillance system. Whether it is for a simple 4 channel surveillance for your office or home or a 8 to 16 channel surveillance the HIKVISION comes across as a complete security system. The systems are also suited to large scale operations such as a prison or casino.

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