MAC User: To Upgrade Or To Sell Your Mac?


MAC User: To Upgrade Or To Sell Your Mac?

One of the questions that pops in the mind of Mac users at one point is: to upgrade or to sell my Mac? To sell the Mac laptop in order to buy a new one. The answer to this question is not that simple as you might think. Is hard to answer to this kind of question because MacBook has a particularity, the usage period is longer when the one of usual laptops. It is much easier to take in consideration selling your HP or Dell after one, two, years of usage, than to sell you Mac. We still can hear about 10 years old Mac working properly, so what to do?

The ones that installed Mac OS X Lion on their 2008 laptops will observe that the hardware of a MacBook Pro doesn’t have the necessary speed required anymore. They have two options, either to add an extra 2GB and a new SSD in the place of the factory HDD, or to sell the Mac, and getting a MacBook Air.

The multitude of factors makes the decisional process harder. I will try to help with some benchmarks, but take in consideration that the final decision is yours. It is your laptop, you decide if you upgrade or sell your Mac.

If the Mac has less than two years of usage. It is still considered a young Mac, you can use OS X Lion on it and it can be synchronies with other IOS devices. If it is still covered by AppleCAre, all the applications are functional and the signs of damage are not there, there is no reason of thinking to sell your Mac. For sure it is slower, so a RAM upgrade will solve the problem. Maybe 2GB of RAM are not enough to launch OS X Lion at its best, but with a little bit of effort, 8GB of RAM will make your Mac to fly thru the room. Don’t worry about the guarantee, it will not be lost. Even Apple is advising the users to upgrade the memory RAM themselves, the instructions being available in their help center.

If the MAC has between two and four years of usage, things will be more complicated. The issue of upgrade or sell of the MAC comes down to the problems that it has. Historical and statistical speaking, the rate of renewal for Apple products is of 4 to 5 years, this meaning that it could be more efficient to sell your Mac than to upgrade it. It is already out of guarantee; Apple Care is not covering the potential damages. But don’t expect that to sell your Mac will bring you a reasonable profit; the price level of a Mac after 2 years of use comes lower with almost 50%.

What if the Mac is older than 4 years? The operating system version was changed already twice from the moment the versions you have on your Mac was released. The Macs older than 4 years will not handle the latest operating systems. OS X Lion is not suitable anymore for the 32 bytes architecture, which can be found on the first Intel processor laptops. To make the long story short, the days of older than 4 years Mac laptops are counted. It is simple, if we take in consideration the speed of evolution, we can expect a new release from Apple not later than next year.

If you need and want to be in touch with the latest technology and its true potential, sell your Mac. The way you know is the fastest way.

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