It’s goodbye data if a fat finger makes a Typo: Human error is a company’ worse Foe


It’s goodbye data if a fat finger makes a Typo: Human error is a company’ worse Foe

One out of every five errors, the culprit is human error says tech provider Data barracks. The study, based on information from the fifth annual Data Check Report, found 18 percent voting said employee data idiocy was the third most popular reason why company data disappeared and went missing. Nineteen percent said software failure was to blame for lost data. Corruption and theft weren’t as big of causes to lose data, participants said, 15 and 7 percent respectively.

What is the best way to store data so that a fat finger cannot easily erase all data saved with a single mistyped keystroke? Though SSD drives may be cheaper to perform Mac recovery with, they still can be problematic. Unlike a spinning disk drive, SSD hard drives have no spinning parts. Without having a disk, it also means these hard drives are going to be more difficult to be able to obtain the backup data in order to perform SD card data recovery and other types of recovery.

Why a spinning drive beats a solid One?

There is a set of standards with a spinning drive. However, this isn’t always true or a solid state drive. Did you know that drives may be different from each other? Solid state drives may contain different structures within the same drive and also different technology. This is why a pro must handle data and perform Raid server data recovery and even Mac recovery.However, for some smaller organizations may not be able to pay £299 an incident. What is surprising about data loss for some businesses is that it is not small businesses that are having repeat instances of data loss. Larger businesses are having trouble protecting their data and have paid reported fines for repeat data losses.

Why is this a surprise? There are 18 percent of small businesses which claim they cannot afford to have a Raid system or backup their data because of cost. However, without having data backed up, the cost for Raid server data recovery, SD card data recovery, or Mac recovery may not be affordable for smaller businesses. However, there are also other things that stand in the way of small businesses having data plans and systems in place to protect sensitive data. There were 18 percent of small business owners who admitted not having the technical skills to protect their data. Another 35 percent admitted having systems, but not testing because of time concerns. How can businesses large and small protect data or avoid repeat fines if data loss prevention isn’t a priority in the UK?

Whether businesses lose data because of a fat finger or simply not having a business continuity plan, why does it matter how a company loses data? Isn’t any data loss tragic for companies who are trusted by UK residents to keep their personal data safe? Do you think the UK is better protected than most other countries against cyber-attacks and business delays from data loss? At Manchester Data Recovery, we can recover your lost photos, files, and music files. We can also fix your Raid system errors. Before you lose your data, please visit us:

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