How to Speed Up Your Laptop or PC?


How to Speed Up Your Laptop or PC?

A better performance is something everybody wants and our gadgets are not an exception. We might have a brand new laptop now but in just the few years’ time, the device slows down, leaving us desiring for a greater performance. Computer makers capitalise on this desire and they keep on offering a newer and better device almost every year. Thanks to that, many people find it quite easy to abandon their old laptop or PC and get a new one. But is that really the only option that you have? What if you can’t afford to buy a new computer every year? Would it be wrong for you to desire for a better performance? Absolutely not! It is your right to desire for a better performance. But how should you get it? Well you just need to make certain changes to your computer and you would get the performance that you desire. Here we look at some of the most effective ways that can help you increase the performance of your PC. So let’s start!

1. Replace Your HDD with a Modern SSD – SSD or Solid State Drives or incredibly fast compared to Hard Disk Drives or HDD. Both do the same thing-they store the data even when the computer is powered off, but there is a difference in this technique. While a conventional HDD has a metal platter with magnetic coating, an SSD uses interconnected flash chips to store memory. This is the reason why they have an increased speed. It has been found that old laptops which have SSD as their storage device are faster than modern laptops which HDD.

2. Upgrade Your RAM – If your computer is running g slow, one of the main reasons for it happening might be the shortage of space on your RAM. You can start the task manager to see how much RAM is being used. If the available memory is too small, then the time has come to upgrade the RAM. You can take the help of certain programs to find out which RAM would be the best for you.

3. Scan Your Computer – This is an important step that most computer users often ignore. There might be certain viruses in your systems which might be hampering its performance. There might be even junk files that might eat up space on your storage. Therefore you need to get rid of them. Install a good anti0-virus and system scanner software and do a regular scan so to make sure that that your computer stays free from all such viruses and junk files.

4. Clean Up Harmful Files – Today, most of the computer users stay connected to the internet and download a lot of files. Sometimes with our desired files certain harmful files also get downloaded. These might also eat up space and slow down your computer. Needless to say, they need to be removed. Use clean up software to remove any harmful files that might have made their home in your computer.

One must always take proper care of one’s computer so to make it perform at the desired levels. If you are not sure about anything, you must take professional help from the experts regarding that matter.

Here in this post, I have discussed about four steps to increase the speed of Laptop and your PC. I am sure readers can go through these the steps.

Andrew C Bell
Laptop data recovery expert
West Berkshire, UK

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