Guide to Choosing the Right Netbook


Guide to Choosing the Right Netbook

Since netbook computers have become very popular, more and more people wonder which netbook to choose. So we recommend you to read this article before making your decision – maybe it will help you to choose the right laptop for you.

Before choosing a netbook, it’s important to realise the difference between ordinary notebooks and the new computer market trend – netbook computers. Netbooks are usually smaller (they are typically equipped with 7 to 11 inch medium resolution screen) and much cheaper – a netbook usually costs less than $ 500 than conventional laptops. Of course the compact size also means that the keyboard is a bit smaller – a netbook keyboard is often 92% the size of a standard laptop keyboard.

Netbooks usually have ultra low voltage processors (in most cases an Intel Atom series processor) which aren’t known for great performance, but still are powerful enough to run Windows 7 operating system smoothly. These processors are great for browsing internet, working with Office applications and watching movies because they use less energy and therefore provide much better battery-life.

Nowadays most netbooks are running Windows 7 Starter/Home Premium versions or a custom made Linux distribution. Many netbooks have a dual OS setup – one of the operating systems is for example Windows 7 while other is a fast booting OS that allows you to access internet a few seconds after turning the computer on.

You should take in account that if you choose a netbook with Windows 7 operating system, then you should make sure that the computer has at least 1 GB (even better – 2 GB) of RAM to ensure that the computer will work fast. We recommend to upgrade to 2GB of RAM especially to DDR2 800 (not 667) because the faster one have about the same price.

If you want to use your netbook for watching HD movies, we strongly recommend to choose a computer that’s equipped with NVIDIA Ion or Ion 2 platform which greatly enhances multimedia performance, even while watching Flash videos on Youtube, Vimeo and other video services.

Abut netbooks small screen size. For simple tasks a limited screen size may not be a problem, but working with larger documents, spreadsheets, or multimedia tasks can be a headache for some with the smaller screens. Though 7-10 inches is typical, there are netbooks on the market with bigger screens, like the 11.6 inch Acer 1410 and the Samsung NC20 which boasts a 12 inch screen.

Another dilemma is choosing between netbook modifications with a traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and netbooks that have a Solid State Drive. HDDs have greater capacity, but SSDs offer shock protection and better battery life. If you find yourself being rough with portable computer, it might be wise choosing a model with a flash memory SSD. If you are looking to get increased battery life some SSD models have an edge over HD models as well.

To sum this all up, you should choose a netbook if you want to buy a small and light laptop with good battery life for less than $ 500. Though you should be noted that you will have to live with a smaller screen and a compact keyboard.

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