Gadgets the Same Size as a Credit Card


Gadgets the Same Size as a Credit Card

Credit cards have become such an integral part of our day to day lives that a lot of items now come in credit card size so they can be carried around conveniently in purses and wallets.
Here’s a list of our favourite credit card sized accessories.

1.The Samsung P300 credit card size mobile telephone
Back in 2005, Samsung launched a phone that was the same size as a credit card but just slightly thicker.

2.Credit card underground map. You can now get etched stainless steel credit card size maps for the London Underground and the Paris Metro. sells these for 7.95GBP.

3.Credit card size spanner. You’ll never again find yourself unable to undo a nut or bolt with the credit card sized spanner. It’s made from stainless steel and will work on ten different sizes of nuts/bolts, plus it only costs 7.99GBP from

4.Clickfree ‘Traveler’ Credit card size external Solid State Drive (SSD) (a flash storage drive)Clickfree have this year launched a solid state drive that can be used to back up data from your PC via a USB connection. You can get Travelers with storage capabilities of up to 64GB for 166GBP.

5.Fresnel Lens credit card sized magnifiers. If you ever find it hard to read the small print, and would feel silly pulling a magnifying glass out of your bag, you could probably make good use of a Fresnel lens credit card magnifier. It offers 4x magnification, fits in credit card slots in your purse or wallet and only costs 1.49GBP from

6.Eon ice credit card size torch. The Eon ice credit card size torch produces a bright light from two powerful LEDs. What’s more it waterproof and shockproof and only costs 7.50GBP.

7.Credit card size solar calculator. Take control of your finances on the move with this handy credit card sized solar calculator available from for around 1GBP.

8.Credit card size bottle opener. This handy little accessory fits in a wallet or purse credit card slot and is sure to be useful at festivals and parties. You can get your hands on one of these at for around 1.20GBP.

9.Credit card. Let’s not forget a quick mention of one of the most handy credit card sized gadgets – the credit card itself. This portable device will allow you to pay for goods and services online, gives added protection to your purchases via Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and can be used to earn cashback and other rewards. If used sensibly, it’ll also help you boost your credit rating and can be used to buy all of the credit card sized gadgets above via online stores, even if they are abroad.

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