Furnishing an Office in Your Home


Furnishing an Office in Your Home

Now that you have decided to turn an small area in the den into a home office, what exactly the next step? The first thing you are going to need is a computer. Your choices are desktop, laptop, tablet.

Desktops were the original PC. The advantage of desktops is that you can have the best hardware. In addition, the hardware is generally easy to access, so you can upgrade it later, instead of getting a new computer. You could improve the GPU, or add more memory. Desktops also come with six or more USB ports, whereas laptops and tablets only have two or three. The biggest CPUs and GPUs need large cooling fans, and these will only fit in a desktop. These computers also support multiple monitors. The downside of desktops is that they are not portable. They are designed to reside on your desk. A desktop is excellent if you need a fast computer for gaming. Excellent desktop brands are Acer, CybertronPC, and Shuttle.

A laptop computer is smaller and portable compared to traditional desktop computers. In the past laptops were less powerful than desktop models, but these days, laptops are made to be just about as powerful as desktop models, for most everything but the highly complex programs. One of the downsides of laptops are that they have space limitations, and CPUs installed in them are designed to run cool. What this means is that they cannot have large fans that are essential to use the most powerful CPU’s. It is typical to find an AMD or an Intel procecessor in a laptop computer. The components are compact, and swapping parts once you have bought the computer will be challenging. You sometime are able to upgrade the hard drive. The main reason to purchase a laptop computer is that it is portable. If you take your work with you, then this is a good option. Good laptop manufacturers are Dell and Toshiba.

A tablet is similar – but not the same as – a laptop without a keyboard. With the widespread adaptation of touch screens, tablets are easy to obtain. One of the options you have is to buy an electronic device that is both a laptop and a tablet in one machine. Alternatively, you can acquire a separate detachable keyboard for a few tablets. Tablets are first and foremost portable, and light. They are usually able to connect to full size monitors as well. You might not think that a tablet would make a good office computer. This couldn’t be further from reality because tablets are very powerful these days. Consider this, you can download office applications. You can also attend online meetings. If you are a retailer, you can use your tablet in place of a cash register, and scan credit cards. Tablets are great for a mobile lifestyle. Tablets use one of three major operating systems. For example, Android. Reliable tablet manufacturers are Apple and ASUS.

Whether you have a laptop, desktop, or tablet, you must contemplate storage. Internal hard drives are usually standard equipment on computers. One option you have to keep your data backed up at home is to pick an external hard drive. Pick a rotational drive or an SSD. Another option for long term storage is the cloud. You can choose paid and free services. You can certainly go with SD and micro SD cards to increase the storage capacity of a laptop or tablet, or to move files between devices. Cameras and phones also use SD cards. Another common way to transport files is via USB Drives. Not all tablets have USB ports. Sony Memory Sticks are used only in Sony branded products. Good data storage suppliers are Kingston, Komputerbay, and Imation.

Another vital office tool is a printer. Consider if you need color printouts, and how frequently. How quick do you hope the printer to print? Do you also desire a fax machine, copier, and scanner? Will you print photos regularly? Laser printers are the speediest and have the nicest copies. If you print in black and white, this is a find choice. Color laser printers are costly. Because of this, you will want to select one only if high quality color printouts are important to your success. Ink jet printers are economical and awesome for all around use. These printers are often integrated as all in ones containing a copier, scanner, printer, and fax. This may be excellent for the home office. If color is useful to you and you need to keep expenses low, choose an ink jet printer. Photo printers create nice prints. The price of the ink cartridges and the specialized paper are high, however. Their output can rival mail order services. Excellent printer brands are Canon, Konica Minolta, and Xerox.

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