Finding out more about the benefits of the Ultrabook


Finding out more about the benefits of the Ultrabook

The name Ultrabook was coined by Intel. Ultrabooks are laptops which fit certain specifications which are dictated by Intel. They are particularly aimed at the business market as they are a lightweight, portable laptop ideal for working whilst travelling.

All models must be less than 18mm thick and therefore the internal components must be re-designed to fit this spec. They are slim and compact, therefore easy to carry to and from business meetings.

Another beneficial feature is the lightweight nature of the Ultrabook. Most models weigh around 1.5kg, another factor which makes the computer so easy to transport. Materials such as aluminium, magnesium alloy and carbon fibre are used for the outer casing of the

Ultrabooks. Not only does this give the machine a protective and durable cover, it again reduces the overall weight of the computer. Not to mention the fact that the aesthetic qualities of these materials give a range of stylish finishes to the Ultrabook.

The idea behind the Ultrabook is to provide the user with a platform which is portable and lightweight but also retains quality in the functionality of the machine. The devices are supposedly just as fast and effective as the average laptop whilst being easy to handle too.

Most models are fitted with the latest in technology fast-working processors such as the Intel i5 or the core i7. This enables the machine to run a range of popular business applications at high speed.

Most models feature a Solid State Drive which has a range of benefits. It allows faster data transfer speeds and is also far less susceptible to disruption from knocks and movement of the machine. Often whilst travelling these things can be an issue and the SSD removes this interference to your work. It also means that the battery life of the model is significantly extended. The average battery life offered in most new Ultrabooks ranges from between 5 – 7 hours. Some top of the range models even promise 9 hours. An improved battery life is great for long train or bus journeys where there may not be an option of plugging your machine into the mains.

You can easily access the web on your Ultrabook with the most common connectivity options being either 3G or 4G wireless broadband. Most do not have CD disk drives or Ethernet ports due to the slim line nature of the models; however USB ports are available for the storing and transferring of data.

Browse the web for a selection of the best ultrabooks on the market. A helpful search term to get you started could be ‘Toshiba ultrabook online‘.

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