Drobo Mini – The Next Generation Storage Device for Professionals


Drobo Mini – The Next Generation Storage Device for Professionals

In order to store important data and files we most often use external drives when the data is too large as it might otherwise crash the drive. But when the data is excessively large and cannot be accommodated in your USB drive as well then you either need to clear some data or get another drive. But drobo mini proves to be a reliable storage as it has high speed and portability and can efficiently handle large amounts of data. This storage device is absolutely reliable and provides you with a complete peace of mind. About the size of a hardcover book this device can easily hold four hard drives hence you can easily imagine the amount of data that can be stored onto it. This device also has a slot for mini-SSD card and serves ideal for professionals of different sectors.

This portable storage array is small in size and can easily be carried anywhere. Whether you’re working on your PC or on the go or wish to edit the photos and videos this storage array is sure to solve all your problems as it can hold a large amount of data. Easiest, fastest, safest and smallest this array would simply amaze you and has been designed and developed keeping in mind the data storage needs of the users. Made using metal and carbon fiber this array is soft to touch and offers you a total capacity of 3 TB. It can be configured with single or dual drive redundancy and is compatible with every operating system. As Drobo provides you with the option to choose the different drive types and capacities which can meet your expectations hence you need to have knowledge about how to make the right choice.

The first thing which should be kept in mind while purchasing Drobo Mini or drobo thunderbolt is the type of the drive that you require. After you choose the drive you need to focus on the quality of the drive so that it is appropriate for the environment which you serve. The disk drive performance, capacity, form factor, cache, interface, number of drives and price are also some of the considerations which should be done in order to finalize your choice.

For more information on drobo mini, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the drobo thunderbolt!

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