A glimpse to the future with one of the newest Apacer SSDs’ models


A glimpse to the future with one of the newest Apacer SSDs’ models

The newest Apacer release has surely created a lot of fuss in the future of SSD manufacturers. The TurboII-Series AS602 is one of the fastest Apacer SSDs’ models and it includes two package kits designed for desktops and notebooks. Moreover, you can order this specific model in three storage capacities of 60 GB to 240GB. Even though this model comes with a complete list of accessories that account for every need and situation, the best feature of AS602 is the SATA 3G SSD consumer controller, an extremely rapid device able to deliver speeds up to 285MB/s for reading and 275MB/s for writing.

One thing that you are going to appreciate about the TurboII-Series AS602 is its resilience and durability. First of all, it is wrapped in an aluminum casing, which is also a good material that prevents the SSD from overheating and is cooling down the device. In order to ensure extra protection, the AS602 also include a rubber drive that makes the device one of the best protected Apacer SSDs against scratches, shocks and vibration. Therefore, it is ideal for long and difficult trips, as you can be sure that your will never have any more problems with your hard drive crashing.

As it is normal for a world-leading manufacturer, the packaging of the Apacer SSDs is quite friendly, even for people that do not have a lot of technical knowledge. However, the ultimate proof that Apacer is thinking about its loyal customers is the 5 years warranty secured with the AS602 model. Even though the SSD itself may not seem like much at first glance, if you take a closer look you will notice additional mounting points on the sides and bottom of the drive. However, do not be alarmed as the SATA power and the data connection ports are right where they should be and hence, you will not encounter any difficulties while installing it.

Although the AS602 is a sign of variety and improvement for Apacer, the truth is that when the device was tested with several software products, it seems to deliver a bit less than the speed claimed by the manufacturer. While the notebook kit appeared to be one of the best upgrades on the market, the desktop kit was a bit behind compared with the competition. All in all, both kit upgrades are excellent for people that need to manage large bulks of data and apparently, they are a bit slower for people that have to manage small information packages.

Despite these little inconveniences, the truth is that you will not be able to find a better Sand-Force controller, at least not yet. Since it includes a Duraclass and Durawrite technology that extends the flash memory of the hard drive and hence, eliminated blockages and redundant writing cycles, it is the ideal SDD for the Window 7 operating system. As this OS also includes automatic delete for useless flash stored data, Windows 7 can ensure a longer life for your SSD. Besides, if you use this specific operating system, you will never need to upgrade your firmware ever again.

If you truly seek powerful internal hard drives, Apacer SSDs are the best way forward, my fellow tech geeks!

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